Monday, November 27, 2006

This has got to be the coolest art project I've had the privilege to work on. Telly Turtle Tales is a book written by my mother and illustrated by yours truly! It is a hardback childrens book targetted for kids between the ages of five to eleven. It is the first of what will be a series of tales about Telly and her friends.

Telly is a loggerhead turtle, and endangered species. Turtle patrols like the one mentioned in the book help protect and preserve the declining nesting areas of the loggerheads. This first story tells how Telly lays her eggs in the dunes at the edge of the sea. As the birthday approaches Telly's friends plan a party to celebrate the baby turtles' march to the sea.

Here's you chance to meet Dolly Dolphin, Druscilla Dragonfly, Woody and Dottie Deer with twins Michael and Fern, the Gooseberry jellyfish family and many more fun-loving creatures of the coast!

This book will make a perfect gift for you child or grandchild this holiday season! Although it's a fun childrens story all of the facts regarding the birth of the loggerhead turtle have been carefully researched as well. Not only is it entertaining but it is educational as well!

The purchase price of the book is $15 ($2 shipping will be added). The author (Ben's grandmother) has autgraphed each one. I will also sign each copy and personalize it just for you and your child! Also the dedication page has this photo of Me-Ma reading the story for the first time ever to Ben and Jessie!

While the seagulls spread the word on their shell phones order your copy today! And on Christmas morning put on some party hats, curl up on the couch with your little one(s), and share a heartwarming tale that will be sure to entertain your family for many years to come!

As always a portion of the sale of each book will be given to Ben's school PTA!

For more information or to place an order e-mail me at

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the emotion behind this book, but it's pretty bad. My kids did not enjoy hearing it any more than I enjoyed reading it. The "educational" references were so forced and most kids for whom this story is age appropriate wouldn't understand (i.e., suggesting the raccoon "cater the event because of the dexterity with their paws. What five year old gets that?). This could have been a cute story but it would have required a different author, not to mention that the pictures were rather frightening. Don't waste your money or your time on this book.