Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Reality Part II

This is one of those nights I was really looking forward to. I could sit here and compose some sort of prose that would either crack you up or make me look like a fool in the morning. It's even better when both occur at the same time which rarely happens. Unfortunately I sometimes go into that "dark place" and begin to pour out my soul at this here site. That would be okay for some folks but that is not what this blog is about.

I want to tell you about Ben's journey. I want to tell you about our highs and lows. I want you to hear about the fun we have as a family and what two special kids we have and how we wouldn't trade our experience with them for anything in the world. I also want you to know about my artwork. Yes, it's for sale. Ben participates and that's a cool thing because of reasons you can read about on our weblog.

I also want to continue making my living as a full-time artist. Not only do I love it and work hard at it but it allows us to give Ben and Jessie the quality of life they deserve. I like being a stay-at-home dad.

But now I have to shout to the world about our financial situation so you can help us make ends meet. We are broke. In fact we're about as broke as broke can be. We made this month's house payment and a few bills but that's it. Yep, I'm telling you how life is for us. We hate it. Me and Joan have been fighting because of things. Those who read this blog know our situation. I've either got to make this blog successful by selling more paintings and/or find that 3rd shift job or a part time job so Ben can get to school each day.

I thought we had hit bottom until reading about a spouse whose suffering which put things in perspective.

You can read a humorous description of me and Joan's conflict Sunday night. Weird that it isn't funny anymore to us. We're glad we had it. We're glad we could reconcile. We're glad we will wake up next to each other tomorrow morning. We're now praying for "AT" and "GAC" and we don't pray much these days.

The photo is of my mother telling a Telly Turtle Tale to Ben and Jessie.

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