Sunday, November 26, 2006

Blogged By Ben

Hello everyone! I've had an awesome week. I am really enjoying my new wheelchair so much that my mom and my sister call it my new "bike." I guess my reaction has been like Jessie's when she got her new bicycle.

Thanksgiving Day was great. I still don't know what it's like to eat turkey but this was the first holiday that I could speak loud enough to get everyone's attention. And did I want some attention! Then later in the day I watched football with Dad. I have always liked sports! It is fun to watch the people on TV run around and play. Plus I usually sit in Daddy's lap so he can tell about how to play those games. My Dad's favorite is football but I like basketball and car races better.

Unfortunately our big TV broke this week. Mom told Dad that we can't get it fixed until he sells some more art. Our other TV is a little too small for me to enjoy so I'll probably spend more time playing with toys and helping Jessie play computer games.

This morning I took a bath with my Dad. I love to get in the tub and splash around! It's almost like swimming. In fact my Dad does some of my hydrotherapy excercises when we bathe together. He was so proud of me this morning because I moved my legs in a bicycle motion for the first time! Maybe I did get a bike this week!!!

Tonight my Me-Ma and her friend Ken are coming over for dinner. After that we are going to put up our Christmas tree! I have always enjoyed any kind of special lights. When I visit new places I always check out the lights first. If they are bright and colorful I know we are some place fun.

Well I must go now. I have my miniature cars to attend to and an appointment with Mom and my favorite books. Talk to you soon!

The picture of me and Ken sitting in our swing on our backyard deck. Ken always makes me laugh and smile really big!

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Anonymous said...

Just found this website. Such a beautiful and touching story. I can't wait to read more about Ben!