Thursday, February 03, 2011

Behind Blue Eyes

"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. "
Eleanor Roosevelt

I have stared intently into these pair of stunningly gorgeous eyes. Like perfect sapphires their radiance is like a magnet that draws attention to them - not selfishly just to gain audience but an attraction none the less that one cannot help acknowledging. Just like iridescent azure gemstones her orbs offer many facets to examine and consider.

Behind these blue eyes lies even more beauty. Not a vain quality even though her physical appearance is indeed quite alluring, but an attractiveness that embodies all that an artist, a poet, a composer, or writer would dearly love to explore. It is beauty not so easily defined since every creative individual has attempted to interpret such over the course of time. Only God has been able to most closely characterize this countenance through a sunrise over the ocean or the laughter of small children on a warm sunny day or the aromatic first blooms of gardenias in the summer.

Through those splendid windows to her soul the beholder will find within the heart purity, honesty, courage, intelligence, strength, joy, and the greatest of virtues: hopefulness, faithfulness, and enduring passionate love.  Perhaps some of these attributes were inherited but most likely most of them have been earned while those brilliant eyes kept diligent watch over a younger sibling different from most. They are a badge of honor for a young lady of only 14 years who is deeply involved in the creation of a work of art that is our exception son and brother.

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