Friday, February 04, 2011

Walking With Character

I have so very much to offer in regards to this month's theme yet time has not been on my side so far! That concept seems rather ridiculous since I've had plenty of time to write this winter. In fact I have been encouraged to write as much as I can after I joined AA and began working the 12 steps. There is a really, really good excuse though that has kept me from writing a great deal this week which I haven't blogged about just yet, but over the next few days expect some pictures and a terrific story.

Jessie's "mentor," the daughter of some dear friends who embodies all of those wonderful qualities mentioned in yesterday's post, has planned a wonderful fundraiser for our family. All of the proceeds are being donated to Diligent Hands, Gracious Hearts - the non-profit which is putting together all of the volunteers, supplies, and planning for the renovations needed for our home. Early tomorrow morning we will head to Clemson University for a 5K walk/run called Walk for the Waddells. The star of the event? None other than our beautiful talented son!

Since it's already late and we have a long day tomorrow I need to retire for the day very soon. However we really want to thank before hand Kindal Wessel (and all the Wessel family), Beta Beta Beta of Clemson, Swenson & Associates (and the rest of the Swenson clan), the Pynne family, the students & faculty of Clemson University, all of the friends and family who will braving the cold wind tomorrow, Diligent Hands Gracious Hearts, Todd Wilklow, Ellis Beddingfield, G1.6 Architects, and many other folks that I know I am forgetting at the moment.

I can't wait to tell everyone about the great day ahead of us tomorrow!

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