Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In three days we will be celebrating Ben's 11th birthday. We are all very excited because we will be on River Street Saturday while I work Oktoberfest on the River. The event couldn't happen at a better place given so many folks down there have become like family to me. Kenny Hill, his partner Butch, their son Landy, Kenny's co-director Erin, and way too many artists to list here have made my visits to Savannah, Georgia so very special.

In addition to the family adventure the weather is supposed to cooperate with lower humidity than usual along with temperatures in the mid to high 70s. Ben thrives in those kind of conditions so we are planning to let him paint at the booth! If everything goes well we should return with lots of pictures, images, and stories.

In regards to our personal situation which includes several needed household repairs and modifications due mainly to Ben's growth I can report even better news. At this time we feel it is a little too early to give many details but our cry for help has been heard. We are so very grateful for friends, friends, of friends, and just plain good-hearted folks who have offered their love toward our family. For those of you behind the scenes (and you know who you are) we cannot ever thank you enough. For the most part all of you know the unconditional love Ben naturally exudes - we hope that his smiles and laughter are enough to sustain you.

Once things are in place I/we want to document what is getting ready to take place. I think this will be something important (recording/interviews/etc) as our family moves forward so that we can bring a little bit of hope to other families in similar circumstances. This is something I can personally put together but I don't have terrific expertise in doing so. Should you be interested in helping with this part of the story then please get in touch with me at

We look forward to bringing you more news about Ben's Eleventh Birthday very soon!


Eric Fischer said...

Eleven of Ben
the struggle of ten times heaven,
awarded, savoured, rightly, justly.
Cohorts on this path of love,
rewarded, slowly, graciously,
with a passion for life, justly.

The infinite of eleven of all gone before,
valour, caring.
The infinite of Ben, never when, never to end.

Kyla said...

I hope it is an excellent trip and birthday!

I'm so glad things are looking up.