Thursday, September 23, 2010


While stewing over my own situation and spending too much time mulling over the garbage that has accumulated within my psyche recently I have forgotten what a great thing this Blogosphere has become. I have known it an avenue for much emotional support, a means of commerce, and needed form of interaction as Joan and I have become more and more isolated from the typical world. As per the usual aftermath of the experience, once I stop feeling sorry for myself long enough to take a deep breath a new discovery or more specifically a new encounter breathes fresh air into my weary soul. Very often that wisp of encouragement comes from the words found at one of those links in the left-hand column.

Within a few days two milestones will pass. A day after Ben's eleventh birthday this blog will reach its fourth anniversary. I look back upon those four trips around the sun and think about the families I have met. Folks have allowed me (literally at times) into their homes, their stories, their passions, their blessings, and of course their sorrows. At the same time those same folks have hopefully gained an occasional smile from gazing at Ben's infectious toothy grin or have learned about the hardships exceptional families endure or more importantly, have experienced a little bit of that unconditional love that we hold so dearly in our arms each day.

This past week I have "met" another father that may indeed be more tenacious than I in the care and well-being for his son. In something that is very common for those of us who write blogs, Eric left a comment after one of my entries. And like most of you I found this an opportunity to scamper off and invite myself to read the pages of Eric's blog, the chronicles of his personal journey. For some reason I consider this to be some sort of cosmic gift to commemorate the two upcoming dates.

The past few days I have made myself familiar with Eric's story and his obvious deep love for his son, Segev. I would highly encourage our regular readers to become followers of them as well. In the world of special needs parenting it is quite impossible to determine which family has the more difficult job of caring for their loved one - it is never an "apples to apples" comparison. But I do find Eric to be unusually courageous, a deep thinker, and a terrific writer. I found this post particularly inspirational and a good place to start. I plan to return to it often.

By the way, I chose the particular photo of Segev because Ben has the same version of Pluto which he is quite fond of. My hope is that Eric and I get to meet one day, break bread together, and share wonderful stories about our sons' good health.


Eric Fischer said...

It most certainly helps to know that you have gotten your boots stuck in the mud on the same battlefield and that the I Ching is right, "perseverance furthers". I feel that in this modern age it is no longer disconcerting that my neighbours may not know or pay attention to the fact that Segev struggles daily and that friendship can be found in far distant lands.

Kyla said...

The only people who truly understand this part of my life are my friends whol live in my computer...I don't know what how I would have made it without that support.

Ben and Bennie said...

Brilliantly said, the both of you! Kyla, I think you just kindled another blog post. May I use that thought?

carmilevy said...

I will never cease to be amazed at the community-building power of this unassuming little device that sits on my home office desk. It connects me with like-minded souls around the world and reminds me that we are never alone.

Thank you for the timely reminder. I, too, hope you get your get-together chance someday. Indeed, I hope I get to meet, in real life, every person who has connected with me through this plain-looking laptop. Including you: I know I would come away from an afternoon with you a changed-for-the-better soul.

Anonymous said...

Bennie--- I'm glad you are still blogging---

when I saw the picture, I thought "that isn't Ben, is it??"

just another cute little boy!

and happy upcoming birthday to Ben!