Monday, February 01, 2010

First Ben & Bennie Painting of 2010!

I've been trying to let more of Ben's own personal work show through in our collaborative pieces. We are quite pleased with this one in particular because I left the red petals of the potted flower completely intact! Over the past few days Ben has begun work on a few new canvases and I've finally made a serious effort to return to my won studio in preparation for this year's shows. The recent trip to New Orleans has obviously been an influence so I'm taking advantage of that while images and the experience are fresh on my mind.

Title: "Potted Flowers"

Size: "8 x "10 acrylic on canvas panel (standard frame size).

Suggested Price: SOLD

As always the first to contact me gets the painting. In full disclosure we will have two more available before the end of the week (both are flower themes) but I personally like this one the best. My e-mail address is benwaddell at bellsouth dot net. We can then discuss payment and shipping methods.


Gretchen said...


Anonymous said...

What are those flowers called??? Birds of Paradise?

Lisa S.

Kyla said...

Did you mean 2010? ;) Don't worry, I've been doing the saaaame thing for a month now. LOL.

Ben and Bennie said...

Yep! Thanks Kyla - I changed it. Is it 2011 yet?