Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another Ben & Bennie Painting!

Years ago I planted Cone Flowers in our front porch bed to attract butterflies and finches throughout the summer months. Since this particular plant is a perennial I thought it was a good choice to keep color in our yard without having to plant annuals several times a year. Little did I know how invasive these flowers are. Those tiny little seeds that fall from the center cone in the fall spread like wild fire and now Ben has a good look at Purple Cone Flowers in front of his window.

As you can probably guess my main contribution was "outlining" the petals of the flowers, shaping of the pot, and defining the leaves. And in he has one other addition that I must reveal that makes this painting particularly personal: the top left corner is chewed upon. You can actually see it in the image above. To be creative while teething can cause an artist an unusual hunger in perfecting his craft - either that or dad took his eyes off the young artist at work long enough for said artist to try out an acrylic sandwich.

Title: "Purple Cone Flowers"

Size: 8" x 10" canvas panel (standard frame size).

Suggested Price: SOLD

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Gretchen said...

damn, missed this one too :)