Thursday, November 19, 2009


That was the name Joan gave to a photograph she took of Ben & Jessie back in 2002. She tried to once again capture one of those moments this past spring but failed to duplicate it in black and white - I think she did a marvelous job though in color.

These were another collection of gems hidden in our archive of digital shots misplaced but not forgotten. My wife has a gift with photography that I don't. I can capture some really cool shots of landscapes and abstract designs. Ask me to do portraits and I turn into a kindergartner with an SLR.

Honest to God I wish I could compose those "human" moments but I'm jelly when it comes to the lens and bodies. The same goes for painting portraits although I think I could do much better with a brush in hand rather then a Sony.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy these really cool photos taken by my artistic wife - yeah, she'd say it was lucky. I know better!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Joan did a very nice job. I really really love the last one!

Jessie P - BTown

kimmyk said...

a picture is worth a 1000 words....

these speak volumes.

lovely photos..all of them!

Kyla said...

Those are great!