Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Hero and Now a Hall-of-Famer

Sorry I've been away for awhile. There is much to write about as August and the "dog days of summer" approaches. Ben has been very healthy which has helped him accomplish some really cool things cognitively and physically! Jessie is fretting over the fact that she has about three weeks left of her summer vacation. Joan? She's still working way too many hours and needing another vacation.

But today I pause to honor the newest inductee to Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. Jim Rice was a favorite of me and my brother Cameron. We were baseball nuts playing ballgames with our friends from sun up to sundown, watching MLB games whenever they were broadcast, and collecting baseball cards. Obviously a Jim Rice card was treasured find especially knowing that he grew up about thirty miles from us.

Rice is a throw back to a time when the sport was purer and the players we held with such esteem could be trusted to generally be good guys on and off the field. In his retirement Rice has continued to quietly do positive things in our community particularly with children. This little known story exemplifies what kind of man he is.

Congratulations Jim! this is indeed a well-deserved honor.

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