Wednesday, April 22, 2009

South Bound

I'll be leaving for Savannah a bit later today. It's a bittersweet feeling because I truly love doing those shows down there. The camping facility I stay at (Skidaway Island State Park) is by far the best I've ever camped in. The folks at the Savannah Waterfront Association treat their artisans extremely well - they are always helpful and supportive. And usually I have great customers and good sales there.

But this will one of the longest trips of the year for me. Four days without the family. Over one hundred hours without seeing Jessie and Ben. And of course, I worry about how the economy will affect the great potential this festival has to offer.

Even though it's only Wednesday it feels more like Friday. I have been painting almost non-stop for about two weeks and yesterday I spent almost the entire day updating my print selections. It's funny because I'm always paranoid that I don't have enough material before most shows. When I loaded the van this morning I was actually pleasantly surprised at how many original paintings I'm actually carrying with me!

For the first time I'll be carrying a laptop with me so I do plan on updating the blog during the weekend. Hopefully I'll have some time to catch up on my blog reading - I have a ton of favorite bloggers to catch up on! I'd also ask that those of you that do so say a prayer for success and safety while I travel. Even though I already have one show this season under my belt I still have some icky feelings left over from the Holden Beach incident last fall.

The above painting is new and incorporates a new process I've worked on during the winter. If you click on the image you can study it a little closer. Let's see how many of you can figure out what's different about it.


Gretchen said...

This is gorgeous. And of course you always have my prayers.

Good luck!

Guwi said...

Good Luck! (In theatre we used to say 'good luck' was bad luck and said 'break a leg' instead, but I'm not sure if that translates to the fine arts world, and if I'm praying for your safe travel I'm guessing telling you to 'break a leg' would negate that, so I'll just stick with Good Luck! And a long-winded explanation.)

Hope they swarm you and you sell out!

S said...

Hmm.. I think it looks like you might have collaged in some things on the front of the building. Can't tell the media..maybe paper or cloth? Or maybe I am all wet, lol.

Have a safe and profitable trip!

Elizabeth said...

I see some fabric in there, maybe? Whatever it is, it sure looks beautiful. Good luck this weekend and my prayers are with you as you travel and with your family back home. And may you make lots and lots of money.

flutter said...

you really are talented

Kyla said...

Good luck, Bennie. I hope it has gone well for you!

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...