Saturday, April 18, 2009

More New Paintings

As you can see I've continued to work, refusing to cave into the desire to stay in bed all day to hide from the world. Perhaps the stress is pushing me into new territory - many of these are a true return to my "primitive" days when I was making the transition from oil back to acrylic.

Truly when I'm in the studio the problems disappear at least for a while. It's so refreshing to be pulled into the scene before me while layering colors on the canvas. I think I'm finding out why folks like my finished pieces so much - I definitely would rather be there than here.

I had a wonderful treat yesterday afternoon. Word has spread about our life circumstances via Facebook, e-mails, and the blog. My brothers from my college fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, have an annual golf outing. In celebration of the 25th event they returned home to Furman University here in Greenville for the weekend. As much as I would've loved to join them I knew our check book wouldn't allow it so I declined the inviation a few weeks back.

Six of the guys including all but one of my pledge class stopped by yesterday for several hours to offer support. It was much needed therapy for me. Of course Ben was in awe of having 7 men sitting around laughing about the good times we've had through the years. Honestly I laughed for the first time in weeks. Thanks guys!

I've finally added new items at our on-line store. Mostly prints for the moment. I still have the rest of today and tomorrow to add a few totes and original paintings. The "Sea Turtle" is one of my all-time favorites! It measures 16" x 20" and comes ready to hang. as always you can click on the images for a closer view of them.

"Big City Nights"
24" x 36" canvas

"Joy in the Key of Life"
24" x 30" canvas
This was a commission piece - no prints will be available.

"Bite Me!"
24" x 36" canvas
I love this one!

"Purple Haze"
24" x 36" canvas

24" x 36" canvas


Maria D said...

If I was to vote. BIG CITY NIGHTS gets my vote. I LOVE the colors you used in this one !!

Anonymous said...

I want to vote too! big city nights is my favorite too! yOu know how I love those buildings! The bloody mary (s!) were awesome by the way!

Kyla said...

I love the Big City Nights, but I clicked through to the store and OH MY do I ever love One Tree Hill. Amazing. Now if I could just locate a bit of extra money, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I think your art would make beautiful t-shirts that would sell really well.