Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Peak Inside the Studio

For those who might question whether I take advantage of my house-husband status I offer you proof that I do spend a great deal of time in the studio. Now I will admit that for about a month to 6 weeks after the shows end for the season I won't even touch a paint brush. The creativity is just completely drained from having to keep inventory up for the shows.

This past winter I was suffering with the winter blahs more than usual. Some of you already know that Ben's sewing/quilting/stitching grandmother and I took a class from a dear friend here in Greenville. I have to say it was one of the best investments I've made in a long time.

It wasn't just the fun of learning a new craft, Susan Sorrell really helped me reevaluate my whole artistic direction. Her lessons contained so much information that the six-week course will for me turn into a six-month long adventure. You'll see that I still return to my favorite images and themes but I'm working toward a whole new color palette and using newly found imagery (symbols) to explore my interests in primitive or folksy concepts.

Let me first show you what I've completed so far. Keep in mind that this collection doesn't include the totes, jackets, and wearable art my mom and I have been working on. I'll get to those over the next few days. By the way, you can click on the images to get a closer view.

"Tropical Blend" (24" x 30" canvas)

My Own Private Island (24" x 30" canvas)
Gotta give some props to my friend Christy Buchanan who popped in for a visit last weekend. I've been trying to finish this for awhile. She had some clever ideas to help me complete it.

"Horsin' Around" (24" x 30" canvas)

"Perfect Pair" ("18" x 24" canvas)

"Palm Duo" ("12 x 16" canvas paper)
I guess you've figured out by now where I'd like to be...

Things I haven't quite finished...
"Peace Turtle" & "Dancing Cocktails"
I've been working on all of these today. All of them are getting close.

"Bite Me!"
Oh I am SO loving this one! A tip of the cap to Susan again.

"Nightscape II"

"Savannah Skyline"
The blank buildings are going to have tropical themed fabrics glued to them. I'm even planning on having a sailboat and a barge made out of fabric. This should have a "sculptural" affect after I apply glossy medium over it.


Gretchen said...

Bennie-I am in LOVE with these.

The island is A-MA-ZING!!!!!!!!! So is Nightscape and Savannah Skyline.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the nightscape. I bet if I kiss on Ben enough he would be trading out some art with me!!! The "island" painting is great! As I said everyone needs their own private island (even if it is on canvas)

Anonymous said...

You know I'm lovin' the peace turtle...what a nice companion it would make for puppy and turtle! LOL...

sheepincognito said...

The Nightscape is my favorite - the dark sky sets the colors of really well. Nice stuff, all of it! Keep going - you're doing great!

Kyla said...

Your pieces are so FUN. I love to look at them. So vibrant.

kimmyk said...

i love the bright and bold colors. and i'm totally digging the larger landscape paintings. very nice!