Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ben Paints for His New Friend

Ben is such a flirt. Seriously! For some reason my boy child can charm the ladies and enjoys every moment he's doing so.

His newest "girlfriend" is Morgan. She's a senior at a local high school and chose Ben as a case study for her senior project. Like Ben, Morgan has a love for art. I have not had the pleasure of seeing her work yet but will get the chance very soon since the family has been invited to her senior exhibit.

I must admit that I have high expectations. This young lady will most likely achieve college credit based upon the art classes she has taken which is incredibly impressive to me. What is more impressive is her desire to possibly pursue a profession in Art Therapy. Now you know how we got connected.

To be honest I cannot say enough good things about this young woman. I keep waiting for teenage angst to come out - still waiting after about six weeks. This video was filmed last Tuesday after she had gone with me and Vicki to Ben's therapy. Today she went to Ben's school and observed his regular class as well as his art period. She then stuck around for several of the art teacher's classes to learn more about interacting with special needs children.

As you can see, Ben adores this young lady. So does the rest of our family. I hope Morgan will continue to be a part of Ben's life as they both travel The Journey!


Gretchen said...

Awesome to have these wonderful people in your life.

Looking forward to seeing the results of Ben's painting too.


flutter said...

I love it, he has such a sweet heart

gypsygrrl said...

honestly? how could someone as handsome as ben NOT be a total flirt? his new "gf" is lovely and god bless her on her road to using her art to change and bless the lives of others!


Lucy and Ethel said...

We enjoy keeping up with your story and are sharing an award with you!