Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Card Update

While I'm recovering from this virus from Hell I thought I'd offer up two more choices for this year's Christmas card collection. Joan wasn't too thrilled with two of the choices so I thought I spice things up with a little more variety. Basically look over the images on both blog posts. I will mix and match them however you want. If you want four of the same then that's cool with me. If you want 3 snowmen and 1 angel, you got 'em. Just let me know via e-mail using either the name of the image or a description.

We are also offering a card set of Ben's paintings. The same rule of thumb applies: go here and review Ben's work and just let us know which 4 images you would like on your cards! We should begin mailing out orders the first of next week. As I told one friend I'm not mailing this crud we've been dealing with to your family via USPS. I wouldn't wish this illness on anyone...okay maybe some of the folks at the Holden Beach Merchants Association.

Once again my e-mail is

"Holiday Tree"

"Festive Tree"
This is a digitally enhanced painting from a few years back. I am going to make this available as a limited edition print just for this Christmas season. It will not be available again after December 31st, 2008. E-mail me for pricing.


Gretchen said...

LOVE the pink tree! The other is great too, but boy, the colors of that pink tree!!

Maggie, Dammit said...

I sent you some money yesterday, but I think it was for the wrong amount - keep it. :)

I don't know which four to choose, though? Would you choose for me? It would mean more to me that way -- but not if it means extra work for you. If it does, then just throw a dart please. :)