Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sara Benincasa is No Sarah Palin

But she's pretty darn close. Close enough to make you laugh your ass off. I want to thank Gwendomama for turning me on to these vlogs. If you haven't checked them out yet on YouTube then check out Sara Benincasa's blog where you can see all of them along with lots a fun information like how they were made, who was involved, and how the mainstream media is reacting to them.

My bet is that Sara, her writing partner Diana Saez, and the rest of their gang will soon be part of the cast of Saturday Night Live. If not then SNL is missing out on some huge talent. Here's vlog #2 for your entertainment. and I promise to talk about Aiken tomorrow.


we_be_toys said...

I've never heard of this girl - sorry, comic. And what the hell is a vlog?? You gotta love anyone who can pull a Sarah Palin off this quickly - I guess Bea and I'll be surfing the vlogosphere later on!Right now, my chicken is burning on the stove - yeehaa!

we_be_toys said...

Okay, I watched it - she is hilarious! She's got the voice down and the messy hair is wonderful. "Go in the other room and breast feed your brother" - I'm still cracking up!

Ben and Bennie said...

That was the best quote of all. Be sure to watch all of them. #10 has another great quip after she pretends to shoot a wolf from a helicopter: "Deal with it, Wolfie!"