Monday, September 29, 2008

Main Street U.S.A.

At the suggestion of Jessie the family took a little adventure yesterday morning to check things out on our Main Street. We loaded the kids up and found one of the many wonderful eating establishments in downtown Greenville we've yet to try out. Provencia as you can see had some appetizing specials but we all chose the buffet which included typical southern breakfast foods (biscuits & gravy, ham, sausage, bacon, grits), a plethora of fresh fruits, a loaded salad bar, several pastas, a cheese tray, and a not-so-typical southern lunch menu. The cajun grilled chicken was to die for! Plus the chef was waiting at the end of the buffet line ready to prepare waffles or omelettes however you liked them.

The day turned out grand. With temperatures in the mid-80s we were quite comfortable in the shade of the oak trees that line most of the mid-town area. Thanks for the suggestion, Jessie!

Jessie checks out the homemade biscuits and waffle.

Ben was up for the adventure! Of course he always is.

Dad's eye-opener. Not as good as my own but it hit the spot.

Jessie insisted we bring along Blaze and he did magnificent. Even with other dogs taking a stroll he never barked once!

Joan says there are never any pictures of my on the blog so here's one of me (yes, I did shave this mornng).

The candy barrels at Mast General Store. This is one of the coolest places just to spend time in. About a half-dozen of them are in the Carolinas with one in Knoxville, TN. They are modeled after the old mercantiles that used to sell a little bit of everything. From clothes, to fishing euqipment, to hats, to linens, to toys - if no one else has it then you can probably find it here.

This is obviously a popular place for the kiddies.

One of the cool things to do with your child in downtown Greenville is to find the 9 mice hidden along Main Street. Based on the popular childrens book, Goodnight Moon, Mice on Main was the clever idea of a local teenager.

Only sunny skies looking north on Main. It's far away from Wall Street and I'de like to keep it that way.
Also let me add that our downtown excursion allowed me the opportunity to take a few more shots that fit this week's Thematic Photographic. Look for those tomorrow.
Okay, I don't mean to beat a dead horse but that pony, even on life-support is still kicking. Here's another thoughtful opinion that commends those Congress men & women who voted against the bailout today. And I'm really getting pissed at how the media is dictating their bias toward those that support us giving away 700 billion for worthless assets.


Kyla said...

Oh! That looks like such fun!

flutter said...

what a great day!!

Gretchen said...

Oh, I wish we could've joined you. Looks wonderful!

kimmyk said...

OMG...Jessie is getting big! Her hair has a 'red' sort of color to it now. She's growing up before our eyes....sheesh.

And so is Blaze!!!

I never would have figured you for a bloody mary sort of guy...interesting. I've never had one. I take it they're good?!?!?

Looks like you guys had a good time...that's great to hear!