Sunday, September 28, 2008


That would be a fairly descriptive summary of my weekend. As Joan said today, my obvious obsessive compulsive nature took charge over the past 48 hours. I sort of apologize to our readers. As much as I would like to write something upbeat, positive, or humorous my heart just won't allow it. I am feeling so beat down because my voice along with millions of others will not be heard by my elected officials.

Let me insert this right now so that you'll know things will return to normal shortly. This is not a political blog. I don't consider myself a democrat or a republican. Although I registered to vote right after I turned 18 I've never made the mistake of labeling myself anything other than independent. Every time I've stepped behind that curtain over the past 28 years I've voted for the man or woman I consider would hold my country's best interest first and foremost. Not my interests but my country's. Get that?

I spent most of my yesterday trying to get through to my representatives the opinion I hold in regards to the bailout of Wall Street. You can scroll down to the next post if you want to read about it. We (our family) blew off the only opportunity to watch our (mine and Joan's) alma-mater play this fall so I could make our opinion known. I e-mailed, called representatives on my own "dime", blogged, and even waited in line for a CNN show to express my opinion. All of it culminated in a conference call with my congressional rep, republican Bob Inglis late yesterday afternoon.

Inglis has been consulting a recently retired Wall Street banker during this crisis. Uh...does that raise a flag with you? It did for me. I listened to their garbage for 2 hours only to have my opinions cut off for expressing that OVERWHELMINGLY polls show that Americans are against the bailout - even on the official Congress website! After I was muzzled Mr. Inglis explained how he was voting via his conscience. Perhaps the handjob he was getting from some lobbyist made his conscience think different from the ninety percent PLUS of voting Americans that are pissed that Wall Street can screw us in the ass and get paid for it. I beg to differ, Bob.

Nine out of ten Americans (actually more) are against politicians wasting even more of our hard-earned money. I cannot tell you how sad it makes me to know how effectively money and greed have affected our government! Seriously people, wake up! Do something! I'm sorry for harping on this but, my God, we are going to turn into a socialist society very fast once this garbage takes place.

Here's a great article that simplifies things.


Jenni said...

"I've voted for the man or woman I consider would hold my country's best interest first and foremost. Not my interests but my country's. Get that?"

I'm usually lurking around these parts but this line brought me out. I love it. What's funny is I was just saying the same thing to a coworker. I work in an industry that relies on government funding in California (where we literally just passed a budget) and I commented that if the need was to cut from our department, I was okay with that.

Thank you for this one line. I was beginning to think I was one of few; I am quickly realizing I am one of many who have been too quiet for too long.

Ben and Bennie said...

I love you Jenni. I needed that tonight.

Anonymous said...

The fact that government will have an interest in the free enterprise sector scares the living shit out of me....

But Bennie, I don't know what it's going to take to keep this country from diving deeper into a recession...

Yeah, we're already there.

Ben and Bennie said...

Exactly Slick. We're there. In fact we've been there all summer. I'm still pissed at Bush saying the economy was strong back in July while I was paying almost $5 a gallon for gas. The economy just doesn't get from strong to crisis in two months.

Pouring all that money on bad debt will make the deficit so big that our great great grandchildren will be paying for it.