Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Palette

Azure Blue: I know many of you have been wondering what's been going on with Ben the past few days. We'd kind of like to know ourselves. The procedure was two weeks ago yesterday and he's still not 100 percent back to baseline.

Ben completed a typical round of antibiotics over the weekend and the suspicion is that triggered some stomach problems, mostly in the form of pain. The big concern is that pain begets seizures. And there have been many. Last night he ended up in bed with us and had one of most severe yet. His "screams" actually woke Jessie up two rooms away. Folks this is not usual for Ben at all.

The hope is that a few more days of recovery for his tummy will help us get our boy back. There have been few of those giant smiles he's known for. Ben is obviously unhappy and we just can't quite figure all of it out.

Cadmium Red Light: I have a new camera. While I'll admit it was definitely on my wish list I just didn't want it right now. You see our old one broke. At the hands of Joan. More precisely from falling out of the hands of Joan. Onto our concrete pool deck. In her defense she was trying to calm an upset Ben while attempting to cheer the little guy up last Thursday evening.

I have to have a camera for my work so Joan was kind enough to let me choose something that will improve my prints and it is wonderful to have SLR quality photos for the first time in about ten years. Even though I kept my Canon AE-1 (circa 1979) it is for nostalgia's sake only since 35mm is now almost gone like transistor radios, 8-track tape players, black & white TVs, and Betamax recorders.

Medium Magenta: In the next day or so I'm hooking up with Moosh in Indy to start a new meme. I promise this'll be a lot of fun to participate in. Here's a hint: if you know some of your fellow bloggers or have just seen pictures of them you might want to start perusing those celebrity magazines at the grocery check-out counter. that is all I will say for the time being.

Permanent Green Light: If you are in the local area of Greenville, SC then come visit me this weekend up in downtown Hendersonville which is just across the border in North Carolina. Art on Main will take place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Jessie will be with be on Sunday so if you've wanted to meet Ben's big sister and best friend that'll be a good time to visit us!


Creative-Type Dad said...

Hope Ben recovers quick...!

And you do know if I were anywhere near Greenville I would be swinging by for some KFC and Def Leppard karaoke

Kyla said...

Poor Ben. We've discovered the trigger for KayTar's neurological stuff this week. Illness. She started vomiting in the night and hasn't kept anything down today. Ugh.

I hope Ben is back to smiling soon!

moplans said...

thanks for the update. Poor Ben and all of you. I hope he is back to baseline(I read that as basecamp at first!) soon.
I do love my camera so I know you will love it and it is necessary, but ouch that's an unexpected expense.

I hope one day I will get a chance to see one of your shows.

we_be_toys said...

Doggone it - I hate hearing that Ben hasn't bounced back yet. Damn antibiotics - you need them but they really upset the whole inner workings. Hope things are back to normal soon for you guys.

But yahoo! You got a new camera! I'm sorry for the demise of theold one, but it's hard not to get excited over a new camera. I liked your category headings too! Sap Green is my favorite paint color - that and pthalo blue!

kimmyk said...

oooohhhh pretty shiny new camera!
i was at the sony store the other day and i was playing with that one. very very nice. sony is always a good one!

sorry to hear ben isn't doing so well. bless his little heart.

poor joan. she's got a lot on her mind these days....big hugs!