Monday, July 21, 2008

Home is Where the Heart Was

It's hard to imagine that it was just a week ago today Ben's latest nosedive into The Realm of sickness began. Joan and I feel like we've aged a couple of years. Truly it seems like it's been a much longer journey.

Since Ben had been remarkably healthy for over two and half years now with a total of zero hospital stays, it was easy to relax and enjoy our lives for a change. For now we have returned to our en garde position just waiting for the next attack.

The artists at the Banner Elk show usually gather at a local watering hole Friday, after set-up, and/or Saturday evening after our first day of sales. Word had quickly gotten around about Ben so I had plenty of invitations to hang out both nights with my kind friends. However I just wanted to be alone and I know my...our family's friends understood. The eye of an artist can see much deeper into the soul; the core of his or her subject matter. They knew I came exhausted and with a heavy heart.

Myron Whitaker, a close friend and confidante, visited with me yesterday morning. Although he's an outstanding and accomplished raku (pronounced "RAH-cue") potter Myron is fairly new to the rigors of traveling weekend after weekend to shows. But it doesn't take long for someone earning a living on the road to realize how much preparation goes into it. The work is physically and emotionally challenging. In fact we've discussed before how it compares to the effort a professional athlete puts forward in preparation for game day.

My friend and many others were keeping an eye out for me. I couldn't be more grateful! Every time my cell phone rang my friends congregated like bees just to hear how Ben was doing. The weekend was a success financially and future sales next month look good.

For the most part I can say the aforementioned information is enough to let me know that my trip to Banner Elk was worth it. Actually there is more. The word "eye" has been used a couple of times already. I'd like to say that it was pure coincidence but it is not.

Just before leaving yesterday, I told Sue Zalewski (Avery County North Carolina Events Coordinator) who shares a similar understanding of God as my family's about meeting a wonderful lady over the weekend. I will withhold my story until tomorrow but I can promise you that it is confirmation once again that I am working at the career that was intended for me.

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