Thursday, July 17, 2008

Banner Elk Bounty

Tomorrow I head into the mountains of North Carolina. I already know that the weekend will turn out bittersweet. Even as late as Monday morning I thought Ben would be just fine and dandy by now which would allow the family to join me in Banner Elk, NC for their Mastercraft Festival. Instead I meet up with many of my closest artist friends on my own.

This particular festival has become my favorite one to attend. The mountain air usually provides a wonderful break from the typical extreme heat of mid-summer shows. In fact the temperatures are supposed to be around 80 degrees during the daytime while overnight we can expect mid-50s.

As mentioned the Avery County Chamber of Commerce will host largest collection of my closest art buddies. I should have some great stories when I return on Monday. Also Sue Zalewski, the chamber's events director, will be on hand. Sue is hands down the nicest finest most wonderful event coordinator in the world! Not a single vendor can say anything bad about her.

Even though I look forward to doing the show my heart won't be completely in it for obvious reasons. Last year's visit was memorable for the fact that my family came with me and we had a marvelous time. It was particularly exciting since Ben returned home with a new puppy.

It's amazing to look at the picture above and see how much both of our young men have grown in a year's time. Jessie still looks like a little girl in those photos rather than the pre-teen that she has grown into. Since many of the other artists bring their families along for this show we'll have to wait until next year for our big reunion.

Just to let you know Ben is getting better but very slowly. Joan took him to his pediatrician this morning and with the aid of some antibiotics the little guy should be close to 100 percent the first of the week. As much as I typically miss the family this weekend will be even more difficult given the stress and emotions of the past week. Hopefully good sales will speed the healing and energize my soul.


Anonymous said...


too bad we'll miss seeing Ben and Jessie and Joan this weekend - the kids were really looking forward to seeing them again. Tell all of them we'll miss them!

Anonymous said...

Yours was the family we had in mind for the most part. Blaze of course was gonna tag along. I'll see you guys either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday morning.

kimmyk said...

good luck this weekend!!

Gretchen said...

Wishes and prayers for success this weekend!

we_be_toys said...

So glad to hear Ben is doing better. That picture of him with the puppy is wonderful!
Hope you have a great show up at Banner Elk this weekend - I'll be down in the piedmont, sweating...!