Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How Ben Ended Up With a Chihuahua Puppy Named Blaze

Ben's Mom was going to write this story for the blog since she spent more time with Manuela "Granny" Clark than I did. Mrs. Clark is the precious lady who gave the puppy to us. Work interfered with Joan's evening leisure time this week (bummer) and won't get to tell more intimate details about Saturday morning for a few more days so I'll go ahead and give you the short version. The story needs to told.

Because the festival allowed artists to set up their booths a day in advance (which is a wonderful treat for us crafters) I left early Friday to unfold the camper for the family. After finishing work Joan and the kids arrived early that evening to join me for the weekend. Just as they drove up an older woman from a nearby motor home took what appeared to be three puppies for a stroll in a nearby grassy area. Of course Jessie came flying out of Joan's van wanting to play with the cute little darlings. Typically, they were like magnets which attracted a few more children and another couple having their evening stroll.

While Jessie and the other kids were playing with the "puppies" I overheard Manuela tell the other couple that they weren't for sale. She told them that the puppies were going to be given to children with special needs. Before I could even think about the consequences I blurted out that my son had special needs. Since Granny Clark stared at me like I had devil horns on each side of my head I went and grabbed Ben so Mrs. Clark would know I wasn't a potential dog-napper.

It turns out that one of the "puppies" was actually the mother of the dogs and the other two were her male offspring. The conversation then shifted to Ben's diagnosis, prognosis, and runny noses due to everyone's hay fever. Granny Clark told us that Blaze's mom had literally saved her life from a house fire about a year ago and during her recovery she decided to breed her beloved Duchess for the purpose of giving something wonderful to kids with special needs. Evidently Granny spent some time at the children's hospital where she was recuperating.

I left the camper at 7 AM Saturday morning and around 11 Joan called to tell me we had a new dog. She told me that Manuela had visited with Ben and wanted to present him with a new friend. She then added that Mrs. Clark also gave us a new kennel, new dog bowls, a new leash, dog toys, and even a bag of food. Granny Clark would not take any payment whatsoever.

Therefore when Mrs. Clark came by for a visit to the booth later in the afternoon we were more than willing to give her anything and everything of our artwork that she wanted. Ben was in doggie heaven by the time she arrived. I'm positive she enjoyed seeing the two new buddies she matched perfectly!

Over the past few days we've discovered how wonderfull this dog is trained. He only barked at a Collie that wanted to visit with Ben. He sleeps soundly in his kennel. When we've been lazy and forgotten to let him out to do his business Blaze deposits his stuff on the paper we've put out for him. He's slept with Ben, licked his fingers & toes, and guarded everything that is done to our son. In return we've seen Ben move his arms and legs in ways we're not used to. Our son is being encouraged by a dog that's the size of a small rabbit.

Blaze has been a joy for all of us and it's only been a few days. Imagine what the coming months will do for Ben's growth and happiness! I cannot thank Granny Clark enough. Fittingly the only painting she would accept was "The Goose" which Ben pretty much completed on his own.

I tell you all that there are saints in this world hidden in every nook and corner. Pay attention! You could be blessed before you know it....


Gretchen said...

Saints in disguise--I love it. So true. What a marvelous story. Blaze and Ben sound like a match made in heaven.

Ben & Bennie said...

"Saints in disguise." How cool!

kimmyk said...

What a great story!!!

I'm sure they are going to be the best of friends. How great that Ben is moving about...

Great story indeed!!!