Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jane's Carolina

If you're a frequent reader here then you'll know that Jane Robelot visited with us recently. She and Michael Geer spent several hours with us a couple of weeks ago so that we could tell our story which would eventually air on our local NBC affiliate. I was particularly pleased with the amount of time she spent here which allowed me to give her a great deal of information. Well the story finally appeared just a few minutes ago.

I knew Jane was good at her job. The fact that she was once the news anchor for CBS Morning News is enough to validate that thought. What I didn't realize was just how good she really is. In a brief 3 minute piece she summarized everything I would want the world to know about our family. Joan watched the news from her office and called me with tears flowing. I must admit that my eyes weren't dry when the story finished.

If that wasn't enough Jane wrote about us on her blog. What she wrote paints a portrait better than I could tell it myself. Unfortunately I can't thank her at the moment. Jane is with her husband's family in Portugal and won't return for another week or so. You can bet that there will be a message waiting for her from the Waddells appreciating her artistic ability.

Note: WYFF will put the story up on their site later this evening. I will link to it here so those of you not in our local viewing area can see it!

And here it is! a hint: you might need to let it play out once while it's buffering.


Gretchen said...

BEAUTIFUL newscast! Jane did a fabulous job. I loved it....and her blog too. I'm posting this out to the support group and adding it to Simon's site. God bless the Waddells!

Karen said...

Wow! I agree that the segment was wonderfully well done. How neat to see your whole family, too. Simply awesome.