Thursday, July 26, 2007

Welcome to All of Our New Readers Courtesy of WYFF!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us! There is great deal of content here for you to enjoy and smile about. In particular watch some of Ben's videos via the link in "Our Galleries." You can watch Ben paint and interact with our family!

Also be sure to check out PKS Kids Network! This is a brand new website and non-profit organization that educates folks about Pallister Killian Syndrome which is the genetic condition that affects Ben. You can also meet some other very special children there and read about their stories as well.

Ben and Bennie have been hard at work finishing some new paintings one of which will be made available tomorrow. It is titled "Ben's Butterfly" and was the collaborative painting featured in last night's story. If you haven't seen it yet Jane's Carolina segment can be found at the bottom of yesterday's blog entry.

We hope you enjoy your stay here and we want you to come back often! The blog is updated on a daily basis when Bennie is not out of town at an art festival. There is always something special waiting for you when you visit here.


Nurse Lisa said...

I would also like to add a "HI!" to Ben's new friends! *wave* Ben and his family are the most wonderful people to know, so come by often and visit! I love this family as much as my own, and I know you will too!!!!!!!

Nurse Lisa :)
(the one in the butterfly shirt on the video)

kimmyk said...

Look at him he looks so excited and happy!!!

Great picture!