Saturday, July 28, 2007

On the Palette

Cerulean Blue: It's 7PM eastern time here and I shouldn't really be posting to the blog at this moment. Instead I should be counting my proceeds from the Waynesville (NC) International Arts Festival and relaxing in the camper after a busy day selling artwork. Mother Nature had other plans for me early this morning and decided to drop a couple of inches of rain on downtown Waynesville.

I called my friend Courtney Tomchick who was staying in nearby Asheville. She was about to head out the door and had no idea of the weather outside. So she went ahead to check out things for us and found about 50 other artists sitting in their vans wondering what to do. After checking with my wife who had to crawl out of bed at 6:15 this morning (thanks, honey) and log onto to check the forecast for us, Courtney and I decided to not set up. Thankfully we had the blessing of the festival director. Those who did set up got some relief around noon. The sun popped out long enough for me to pack up the camper and head home.

I'm very fortunate that this is the first time in the three years I've been doing this that I've had a scheduled event wiped completely out by rain. There have been shows interrupted or shortened by bad weather up I've always gotten some of the show in. Oh well, now it's time to gear up for Myrtle Beach next weekend. Fortunately it'll be indoors at their convention center so we artists will be there rain or shine.

Vivid Lime Green: Yesterday was a very long but rewarding day in regards to the EdVenture project. I left Greenville at 7 yesterday morning and drove to Columbia to meet with the committee managing EdCeptional Kids Month. The facility is absolutely marvelous and I would encourage anyone with youngsters visiting the Columbia, SC area to tour the museum! It became obvious over the past few weeks that my original idea wasn't going to work for a number of reasons. The cool thing is Ben and I most likely will demonstrate our art and tell folks our story in person on three different weekends! Our hope is to encourage others in using art as a viable means of therapy. I'll fill in more details as we get closer to September.

Medium Magenta: Jessie heads off to Kiawah Island tomorrow with her Me-Ma. She's had an exciting day since she found out this morning that she once again made her dance company's competition team! She had a busy week last week preparing for the try-out which was Friday so the beach trip will make a nice reward. I guess it's good I came home early. Otherwise I wouldn't see her until late this coming Friday when the family joins me at Myrtle Beach.

And as promised I will put Ben's latest painting up for auction sometime tomorrow. Check back with us then to see it!


kimmyk said...

Good job Jessie!
I hope she enjoys her trip to the beach.

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