Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Summer of '78

I heard a song today on the radio that I hadn't heard in quite sometime. Perhaps some of you have already clicked on the You Tube link so you know it was "Summer of '69" by Brian Adams. You might think the song is cheesy but I admire good song-writers and Mr. Adams is a clever guy. A tip of the hat to one of those wonderful Canadian rockers, if you please.

Brian Adams was 9 years old in 1969 so he's obviously not paying homage to a year he probably has no recall of. Wanna guess to what the reference might be? You would be right. Having made a rather poor attempt into the music industry many years ago I was privy to learn some pretty cool secrets about certain songs and their meanings. In all honesty that one was obvious.

The motive behind this little diatribe is to discover your summer to remember. Is this a meme? I have no idea but I'd as many folks to play along who are ready, willing, and able to recount that one summer they will remember for the rest of their lives.

There is much to say about the Summer of 1978 so I will share more tomorrow. I know that I was dating the girl I thought I would marry. Like Brian Adams I was in a rock band I loved. And like the song, I thought the summer would (or should) never end. Please pass this one along. I'd love to read what other summers were amazing to my Blogosphere friends!

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kimmyk said...

This is cool. I use to love this song.

I'll find a song and post my summer memory....

Looking forward to hearing about '78!