Thursday, January 10, 2008

Therapy Can Be Hard Work!

Particularly when it's a cold rainy day and all you want to do is sleep. Today was not one of Ben's best sessions but what you see in the recording is his true determination. Two or three years ago he would've shut down completely. Today he was just pissed off but willing to work given parameters. Note the key "phrase" that makes him do his second "Paladin Push-up."

I am so proud of my two kids for reasons only an exceptional parent could understand.


Kyla said...

Awwww! That made my morning. Good boy, Ben. That's hard work!

I don't know what these kiddos would do without their siblings. Their pretty lucky.

Kyla said...

Or "they're", I hate it when my finger type whatever they want. LOL.

Gretchen said...

Jessie's going to melt when she sees that. What is a Palidin push-up anyway?

Ben, you were working hard--I'm proud of you!


kimmyk said...

do his nurses come to you or do you take ben to a therapist? like out of the home i mean?

he's a determined lil' guy isn't he?? very sweet.
his arms are so sweet...they look soft like a babies you know what i mean? i love that feel about kids.

good job ben!

Ben and Bennie said...

Gretchen - that would be "Paladin" push-ups for mine and Joan's alma mater, Furman University. Our mascot is a Paladin which is a fancy name for a knight.

Kim - a nurse comes here every weekday but we carry Ben on Thursdays to outpatient therapy about 2 minutes from our house.