Friday, January 11, 2008

My Homies!

I've finally met and shared quality time with most of the wonderful artists involved with the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville. But like most communities larger than your own family, smaller groups of individuals begin to attract to one another and congregate as often as possible. I've found that core group within the larger entity that is our guild.

The ladies pictured here are our "Two Pats." On the left is Pat Cato. Having a lot of the same artist friends within our local community Cato and I have known about each other for quite a while now. We've had a mutual admiration of each other's work for years and actually had work hanging together in another local gallery but never had the opportunity to meet until we both participated in a crappy local art festival in October 2006.

Cato (as I like to call her) is a genuine outsider artist which means she is self-taught. Old-timers call it folk art. No classes or collegiate anatomy studies. No fine arts degree. She is a mad-chemist and occasionally takes her life (and her husband David's) into her creative hands. Given that her color palette can make mine seem dull I'm constantly picking her brain for new ideas and products that might challenge me to become a much better painter.

Pat Kilburg (on the right - please don't assume that's a political position) has become a very special new art pal. Since the gallery opened I've worked more hours with PK (you can probably guess where that nickname came from) than any of my other associates. To call the lady "laid back" would be like calling a hummingbird elusive. The fact that her mixed media work is so very strong and energetic indeed makes her an enigma to me! PK is one of the kindest most gentle persons I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I'm hoping her personality rubs off on me!

Pat K. is also a master quilter. Pictured below is some of her quilting work which Cato and I were helping her arrange earlier this afternoon. I'll get a better photo opportunity once the rest of the artists have rotated their spaces. It was the first time me and Cato had a chance to see her quilting. Of course we were blown out of the water (mom, you gotta go and see it!).

Anyway, on this Friday night I wanted to give props to my good friends and partners. Look for some future introductions to some of my gallery friends. I'm really proud of our space and the work that is represented there!

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