Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Southern Winter Wonderland

That is what me and Ben were looking forward to beginning tomorrow afternoon. The two of us were heading to Kiawah Island, South Carolina for a week of sand and surf, meeting up with my mom who was looking forward to having Ben all to herself.

Things change all too quickly for exceptional families. At the moment our departure has been postponed for at least a day. Ben began the day acting just a tad puny. Now he's full-blown nauseated. We think it is related to being out of his Zyrtec. Just about every time we've run out of it over the weekend and he misses a couple of doses, he ends up in this condition. If that is the case then we should be able to hit the road on Tuesday.

This was going to be a big week for the two Bens; even bigger for my wife. Ben has only spent one night of his life (other than hospital stays) away from his mom! Imagine Joan letting her crazy husband care for her exceptional son for four (she and Jessie plan to join us next weekend).

It is all on hold for the moment and I really do hope it's temporary. Actually this was supposed to be a working week for me. My art supplies are already packed along with cameras and plenty of digital storage space. The expectation was to have my creative fanny kicked into gear so I'll have plenty of inventory for the spring shows.

I also hope to unveil some new mixed-media pieces very soon (hopefully upon returning from the beach). Many prospective buyers have inquired about artwork they can use outdoors. Over the past few weeks I've come up with two ideas I hope to have in my booth come March. Anyway, I hope every one of our readers has enjoyed a great weekend. I'll definitely have an entry here tomorrow. See ya' then!


Kyla said...

Tell Ben he doesn't really want to be like KayTar. LOL.

Hope the little man is well soon!

Gretchen said...

Oh, this looks amazing! I hope you get to go asap. I am anxiously awaiting the new art too--sounds interesting. I wish I were rich!
Have fun :)