Monday, December 17, 2007

Blogged by Ben

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season spent with family and loved ones all around you. As you can see, I had one of our loved ones curled up under my legs for our afternoon nap today. Layla has been my furry friend the past few weeks. Mom thinks I'm a kitten substitute. I would say that I make a pretty big kitten!

Our school holiday break begins Thursday and I'm very certain all of my teachers, therapists, and administrators are very pleased with my progress this year! Me and Nurse Lisa have missed very little school - none of those days were missed due to illness! We are more than thrilled about that.

Miss Lisa went to Disney World for Thanksgiving. She brought me and Jessie autographed photos along with a stuffed Mickey & Minnie Mouse! Mickey has been my sleeping buddy ever since.

It is good to talk with you, my friends. I just wanted to pass along how healthy and strong I've been! I'm real tickled by Dad being around the house these days. Everyone has taken notice that I'm happier and more vocal now that he's home for several months. We're planning on having a big time over the next two or three weeks and we hope you do the same.


Kyla said...

Wow Ben! You've been much healthier than my little motley crew. I think BubTar has missed upwards of 7 days due to illness. Strep is not our friend.

Have a fun with your last few days of school and enjoy your Christmas break!!

PJ said...

Such a little sweetie! Love the sleeping picture--nothing like it in the world!!

Karen said...

Glad you are doing so well, Ben. You look so warm and comfortable snuggled up with that kitty! Have a wonderful Christmas break.

Creative-Type Dad said...

Tell Dad you want to go to Disney World too...
He'll like that!

kimmyk said...

he's so sweet! he looks all snuggly in his little jeans. and the kitty-ha! warm body.

hey did you ever email me those pictures of the cards? i seriously want a pack or two. i know you're busy-just don't forget about me. haha, forget about me??? as if.

wait. it's *waving* remember me? yeah it's been a while. damn. life gets in the way at times...y'know what i'm sayin'? knew that you would.