Thursday, November 01, 2007

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
(and other stuff for happier living)

As I ride off into the sunset....okay midday sun...on my trusty steed, Bugs (yep, that's the name of my van) I leave you with a few things this old cowboy artist has learned while herding cats.

Since I won't return until Monday please feel free to entertain yourselves by adding your own thoughts about happier living down there where it says "critiques." Be as serious or as silly as you like. Just have fun.

So as my "pardner" (Ben's teacher, Mr. Miller) over there would say, "Yee ha!"

1. Never confuse your toothpaste with the Preparation H. Your gums will shrink so fast you'll look like clean-shaven Cheshire Cat. Don't scare Alice!

2. Watch a movie starring Will Ferrell...often. Steve Carrell's good too.

3. Get a smile and a hug from your kids every morning even if they've just cooked popcorn in the microwave using a metal skillet.

4. A little catnip every now and then is good for you. Bet you didn't know our cat, Layla, surfs the internet while I'm away.

5. Blog. Read blogs. Blog some more. Read more blogs. Rinse and repeat.

So have it boys and girls! The clean-shaven Cheshire Cat is on his way to Savannah.


Anonymous said...

Giddy-up, cowboy!

Thanks for the toothpaste tip. You never know when you may accidentally grab the ass cream instead of the minty teefer cream!!


Gretchen said...

1. Watch SpongeBob

2. Listen to your kids laugh.

3. Say a prayer when things get tough, you're frustrated or hurting.

4. Don't worry about what other people think!

Lissa Lane said...

Have a good trip!!! Take care be safe and thanks for the toothpaste tip!

kimmyk said...

Nice boots ya got there cowboy!

LMAO. That is a great costume! I've never seen one like it before. Hilarious!

Enjoy your weekend and good luck to ya!

Kyla said...

So I take it #1 is from personal experience? LOL. Was that your costume? Hairless Cheshire Cat? Hahaha.

Have a good trip, Bennie!

Anonymous said...

Rules to live by :)

Enjoy the weekend Bennie!

Creative-Type Dad said...

Don't pee in your pants...(?)

Because it's smelly and people will think you're weird...(?)

How's that?

(BTW- cool costume!)

moplans said...

I would hate to make that first mistake! Thanks for the warning.
I don't think this one applies to most of your readers but : don't eat yellow snow.

Conni Tögel said...

for a happy life?

- buy yourself some flowers occasionally for no reason at all

- buy someone else flowers occasionally for no reason at all

- drink your coffee while it's hot

- get some sheep

- avoid watching the news

have a great trip - and go sell all of it!

Gretchen said...

I want to know what edgyartist is going to do with the sheep.

I do avoid watching the news however.

Conni Tögel said...

well, now, let's see...hmmm, what to do with sheep??
i would say: wash 'em in hot water and see how much i can shrink them, but i think they don't like being waterboarded very much :o)
instead, here are a few things that come to mind (mainly an un-alcoholized one anyway...):
*paint each one a different color and call them cotton candy of the meadow.
*see them come bouncing toward you when you walk toward them shaking a bucket with dried corn kernels in it - just like in a disney movie
*tip them over on their back and watch them struggle to get up.
*shear them and watch the mayhem as they start looking for each other - once they are shorn, they don't recognize eachother anymore
* chase 'em and watch them keel over from a heart attack (which of course is animal cruelty and not something i really would reccommend at all {end of disclaimer}
*remove one of them from the flock and enjoy endless baaaaing and maaaaing as they try to get back together
*shave patterns in them - make a sheep puzzle
*breed them and raise little lambs - cutest things on earth (you can see ours at seesheep dot com)
*paint them (on canvas, with paints - that's what i do mostly with them...see them at charisma-art dot com)
*make a loud noise and see them all stare in shock and awe.
* send a hyper dog after them - same effect as chasing them, but less work and more speed.
* eat 'em - 'nuff said...

of course, warped minds might come up with a lot more unsavory ideas...but that's gotta be a guy thing...