Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Artist Guild Gallery of Greenville

I thought I'd give y'all a sneak peek at the newest art gallery in Greenville, South Carolina. It is the first of it's kind in the area. An artist co-op is owned and operated by a group of artists. Modeled after similar operations in larger cities the only other co-ops in the state are in the Charleston area.

Although we've actually already opened for business our grand opening won't take place until November 10th. Yours truly had the pleasure of being a part of the first sale of an original painting this morning (I'm mildly disappointed it wasn't one of mine). I'm also looking forward to introducing you to as many guild members as possible over the coming months. These are some of the most gifted artists in the area.

Enjoy the mini-tour!


Vickie said...

COOL! I am going to definately have to go check it out!

Slick said...

Dang Bennie.....that all looks very nice!

I've actually taken a look at some of your paintings that you've posted while reading through your archives.

Not to worry, this is a stepping stone to getting a messload of your art sold.

You're very gifted.

Just checked out the posts referring to Bennie's birthday. Sorry I missed those!

Tell the big guy Happy Belated Birthday from me.

I got ya'll set up on my Google Reader now :)

Slick said...

Uh...Ben's I meant.

Ewwww, it wasn't that I had you on mind....but I did have the golf game you proposed on it though!

Gretchen said...


Ben & Bennie said...

Thanks for the props. Those pics were taken about two weeks ago. We now have a few sculptors onboard since we're needing 3-D artists.

Slick, I understood. No non-manly stuff was taken. I'm not against it but I ain't one. Just want to make that clear. ;)

kimmyk said...

how cool!

hey whats the museum store link? off to check that out.

JC said...

The place is gorgeous!