Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Flowertown & Spring Break Summarized

1. Dragging our camper for a quarter mile. The hitch pin broke exactly where I-26 and I-20 intersects in Columbia, South Carolina. A summary does this story no justice but me and Joan saw our vacation as well as my trip to Summerville ruined because I had to drag the camper by it's tongue for about 300 yards to the median. A Guardian Angel (a black man by the name of Eugene) saw it happen from across the concrete barrier on the other side of the six-lane highway. Within five minutes my Guardian Angel was parked behind me and specialized in repairing trailers. I was back on my way to Summerville in 45 minutes just as the bottom dropped out of the rain clouds.

2. Flowertown was a success! Second show in a row that made money. It is the most difficult show I will do all year in regards to the work involved but it was well worth it. The weather was great and I felt honored to be apart of it.

3. The family joins me in Summerville. Enough said.

4. NCAA basketball final watched in a double-wide. Thanks to Don & Joy for entertaining me for three straight years on Spring Break.

5. A charcoal grill. We brought a small gas grill which we never used. Steaks, pork tenderloin, and hotdogs just don't taste the same!

6. Bloody Marys and Chardonnay in the evenings. How relaxed can one couple get?

7. Broadway at the Beach. The best thing that hit Myrtle Beach since The Pavillion (which is now gone). We even visited the Kiss Coffeehouse. Weird.

8. Painting in our screen room. Unfortunately this lasted one day. Jessie and Joan went to the beach while me and Ben were protected from the huge mosquitoes for an afternoon.

9. Investigating tattoos. Yep. I was after one but didn't fulfill my desire. Very soon. Very, very soon.

10. The return of winter in the South. The temperatures went from 80s down to 50s. This sucked because we ran out of propane for heat not once but TWICE. That was the end of beach trips and painting outside.

11. Sinus pain. Go ahead, you Yankees, and make fun of us for our hatred of cold weather. All this does is create a burst of pollen that can choke a pig (hey, I've lost weight dammit). Ben ended up sick the last half of the week but was a trooper.

12. Seafood. Two dinners at the coast. We love it!

13. Ben dropped on his head...twice. He's doing fine. I do have to blame Joan for both since she was on watch both times. The second one left a knot about the size of a golf ball.

And there you have it! I have more details I'll fill in later but we had an awesome time.

The photo is of Jessie & Ben spending Easter morning in the camper. This is the only angle that you cannot see the knot on Ben's head.


moosh in indy. said...

Hi Benny. :)

lisa said...

Love Broadway! Nothing better than shopping on vacation.

I've decided on a tattoo! The plan is to get it before my summer vacation! Dh has already said "Go ahead, I'm getting one too!" SO, is Joan up for a little permanant art???

YES!!! I'm one of those Yankees! BUT! I hate the cold and the allergies it stimulates!

I'm sure Joan was glad to get back to her "safe" office today!?! At least Ben wasn't doing the Greg Louganis behind her back...

Kyla said...

Sounds eventful! Glad it was a success!

ptogel said...

I'm glad about the blessings you received during your trip to Summerville. I hope your show in Greensboro NC will be a success as well.

See you there...

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Gretchen said...

Sounds awesome. You make me want a vacation even more. Sorry you got the winter weather. We in MI actually have a weather advisory due to snow. WTH? Anyway, sounds like it was a great time.

What kind of tattoo?