Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Flowertown and Myrtle Beach

This is the new canopy. Say good bye to EZ-Up!

Behind the scenes. We strapped our rain protection to the tennis courts for added protection from the sun.

My painter friend Rebecca Duffy shows off her multi-tasking skills as she holds 3-month-old Finn. I love my job! Me and her husband Tim shared many wonderful house-husband stories.

One of my closest art buddies, Courtney Tomchik, shares her disgust of my camera. A few beers and Mexican food got her in better spirits later that evening.

Home at Myrtle Beach. We really enjoyed Pirate Land Family Camping Resort.

Ben and Pooh discuss the new digs at the beach.

Another warm day to study the outdoors.

For Redneck Mommy. Have you opened shop at Myrtle Beach?

I'm getting very old. I thought these guys were gods back in the 70s.

Sucking on my Bloody Mary. Joan said there were very few pictures of me on the blog. Some would say this is typical. Liars.


kimmyk said...

Aww. Great to finally put a face to a blog. Your little guy looks like you!!!! How sweet!

Kyla said...

Wow, does Ben ever look like you!!