Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring Training is Over

Tomorrow I head to Columbia, SC for my first art show of the season. Ben did his usual job of stressing me to the max while trying to prepare for my job.

This picture (taken earlier today) is typical of him when he's healthy. I get the impression sometimes that he knows when I'm headed out of town and The Kid wants to make enough of an impression to make sure I return in a hurry.

Sorry little buddy but its moments like this that make me rush home any time I'm away. You don't have to get sick on my behalf or anyone else's for that matter. In fact there are more folks that will become interested in your story and begin visiting the blog!

I want to thank Christy and Conni (see The Guild over on the sidebar) for volunteering to help out this weekend not knowing Ben's condition. They are part of the reason I love my new job/career. Being a full-time artisan is tough enough but very rarely do you meet a "co-worker" who is unpleasant or unwilling to help you out in any way. I do believe we are all a connection to the best part of our American past when neighbors were actually neighbors and those friends protected you like a member of their own family.

If you get the opportunity to meet these ladies or any of my friends that sell their art for a living know that they are awesome folks with wonderful families that support them. We are proud of what we do. Their art might not be your cup of tea but those artists would love to share that tea, coffee, beer, or glass of wine (hint, hint) with you to discuss their work and learn what you might be looking for. I promise we'll give an honest opinion and whether you like it or not, you'll learn something good. We're all good folks.

Anyway, this may be the last post you see here until Monday. Know that all of you are going to be on my mind just as it will be throughout the next six months. Trust me when I say that I will be checking on my Blog Buddies often. I'm an addict and can't stay away that long.


Kyla said...

Have a good time, Bennie!

kimmyk said...

Sorry I haven't been around-work has been crazy. I hope that your weekend show went well...the painting below is very cute! Very nice! See you when you get back...