Friday, February 02, 2007

Rough Day Too

This has been an extraordinarily difficult day. Even with the two hour delay for school this morning allowing Joan and Jessie to catch a few extra winks we all are absolutely exhausted. None of us got any real rest. At two thirty this morning we had Jessie up trying to sooth her brother's panic. It was not grasping for straws as was proven to us a few minutes ago. I guess this is the first time that deep-seeded connection they share couldn't break through the chaos in Ben's brain.

Joan just got home from work. She's in the midst of a five-day crunch so her weekend is now booked. I can't imagine how tough today has been for her. To have the stress of her job on top of the worry for her baby just really isn't fair. But of course nothing in this life really is fair.

Both of our stomachs are shredded. Ben has not returned to his "base line" yet. We're hopeful that a good night's rest will do us a world of good but it's so difficult right now to look into his eyes and see confusion. Ben's eyes are usually so full of life and he typically is always a touch or a scratch away from The World's Biggest Grin.

The only relief we've had was just a few minutes ago when I told him how Jessie would be home soon from a friend's birthday party. That drew the first and only huge smile of the day. See why we awakened Jessie at 2:30 this morning? Mom and Dad certainly could do no worse.


kim said...

How old is Jessie?

Does she get frustrated with being woke up to help or does she do it knowing the outcome will be best for Ben?

My heart goes out to all of you when you deal with these daily struggles. I can't imagine.

I hope that y'all have a great/restful/quiet/relaxing weekend.

kimmyk said...

Oh sorry that's me. Damn gmail.

Ben & Bennie said...

Kim, Jessie is SO VERY GOOD with Ben. If there's danger involved about Ben's health she will actually be angry with us if we don't inform her.

To answer your question more directly she wanted so badly to help him early Friday morning. I cannot ever describe their relationship unless you see it it in person. It goes WAY beyond our comprehension since me and Joan both have siblings. We'd never expect the kind of attention Jessie gives her brother.

The love they share proves the fact of a Higher Power. In a since I have two very special children. Jessie even adores Ben's classmates and believes in a "hands on" experience with each of them.

I can brag on Jessie as much as I want but she proves to adults daily just how incredible she is.

So, no, she would rather us help out in calming the storm than finding out about it later.