Friday, February 02, 2007

Bad Night

It's 6:30 AM. I'm getting ready to turn in for the night...morning...whatever. Ben woke us up literally screaming sometime after midnight. For the next couple of hours he had some of the worst seizures we've ever experienced. I finally let Joan give him Valium sometime around 2:30. About a half hour later he actually smiled a few times before he dozed off.

Mom's instinct was to stay with him but she's got too much on her plate at the office so I stayed with my little guy. He continued to jerk and twist for the next few hours. My fear was that the drug wouldn't be able to stop the seizing completely. He finally feel into a deep sleep maybe about an hour ago.

I'm looking out over our neighborhood from my office window. They say it's always darkest just before dawn. It sure looks like it to me.


kimmyk said...

I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough nite and I hope Ben is doing much better today.

I hope it was just a one night thing and not a glimse of what's to come.

I'll be thinking about y'all this weekend. I hope it's a quiet one. Get some sleep.

BlogWhore said...

dear ben,

sleep well.

love, maizie

Casey said...

dear ben,

sleep well too, we're praying for you and your poppa.

love, the moosh

Ben & Bennie said...

Maizie and Moosh, you gals need to move South. It's warmer here and y'all would like it better.

I'm feeling better and I'm a HUGE flirt.

I can't cook like your mommies but I'll always have a big smile for you!