Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hello to all my friends! Tonight was awesome! We had our first Thanksgiving gathering of the year at my great-aunt Marsha's house. Everybody was talking so loud I had to try and yell over all of those voices. But that was okay because everyone there took turns playing with me.

There are times that people pretend to ignore me. That mostly happens when folks don't know me well and I guess they don't know what to think about my trache or my suction machine. If you see me out somewhere or you meet someone like me please stop and say hello. I always have a smile to give!

Well the opposite always happens when I'm around my family. My aunts always fight over who gets to hold me first. My cousins always include me when they are playing. Most of my cousins are girls but I have three that are boys. Joey, Graham, and Cameron (when he's in town - he lives in Baton Rouge) are the most fun to play with because they treat me just like a regular little boy. I like that!

Of course the best part was that my Me-Ma was there. She takes her time to talk to me and we make each other laugh. I had such a good time that at one point I laughed so hard I shook all over! My Mom says I look like a big Jello monster when I do that. I just know that it cracks everyone up when I do that.

Well I'm off to watch a little TV with Jessie. I'm kind of tired from all the fun we had so I'll proabaly turn in early. Plus my Dad told me that he's going to help me paint with Mom tomorrow. Wont' that be cool?
That's me telling Me-Ma about watching football this afternoon.

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