Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Just yesterday Redneck Mommy said a little blogging "hello" in the comment section to one of our posts over the weekend. I don't recall at the moment which one so if your curious it shouldn't take you long to find it.

To the casual reader the comment might be meaningless. Some might've passed over the words and not really digested them which is sort of like I do when I'm reading something other than the sports section of a newspaper. In fact some of you probably didn't read it at all which is of course prefectly fine. I'm not the casual reader.

I pour over the words and phrases written within these favorite blogs of mine. I soak them up like they're sunshine on the first warm day of Spring. I digest them to the point that I could probably burp, fart, and poop them up when I am finished with them which could very well be a week from now.

You see we have a selfish motivation behind this here bloggity blog. In fact we have several goals in mind when we blog and they can be found in this very first post by Ben. Families with exceptional kids have a common bond that is indescribable. We are connected in a way that "normal" families could never fully understand. I guess that is due to that journey thing I often mention here.

Anyway, once I read RM's comment I had to find out their story. For some reason I couldn't find what I was looking for last night. Over my first cup of coffee early this morning I found it right after I laughed out loud reading about an encounter with a cow that I really, really (I mean REALLY) need to know more about.

This is what I found. Warning: have a box of tissues ready. I'm certain I haven't offended RM or her family by posting her "thoughts." I don't think I could ever be so eloquent in a description of life with a special child and that is precisely what she did. I am honored to have her come here as often as she can, just as I am to have you here also.

There will come a day that me and RM will be able to watch our two boys run, play, wrestle, and laugh together. And we will know that all those tears were worth it.


Redneck Mommy said...

Dammit dude, you made me cry.

And I'm not wearing waterproof mascara.

I've got lots to say, but I will do it via email.

But I got to say, your son's hands are making me cry...they remind me of Bugs...

Ben and Bennie said...

Well you made me cry first! My wife says I've got WAY too much estrogen for a male.

BTW, you have an absolutely beautiful family!