Monday, October 09, 2006

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a fun weekend. I did!

Friday was a special day for me. My entire school went to the Special Olympics at Bob Jones University. Boy, did they make me and my classmates feel special.

The best part was getting greeted with a standing ovation while we had a parade during the Opening Ceremony. There was an Olympic flame, hundreds of balloons, and lots of new friends to play with. I had two new friends to help show me around this strange place, Debbie and Sarah. I also had with me my best friend and nurse, Vickie, and my dad too.

We played many fun games throughout the morning. I'm usually shy when meeting new people but I was so happy to be there that I found myself talking to everyone. After that we had a closing award ceremony. I got two medals and a rose just like the big athletes!

We then ate lunch in a big field where I got to spend time with my teachers and classmates. I love Miss Kristy, Miss Doris, and Miss Sallie because they have taught me many things. I also played with my friends Morgan and Najee.

On Saturday my dad had an art festival near home. Me, my mom, Jessie, Me-Ma, and Miss Vickie went to visit him. They had lots of German food, German music, and very nice art. I sat near the stage with my Me-Ma most of the afternoon watching all the people dance. I really like music and the German bands were fun to listen to.

And then last night our family went to my Me-Ma's house and had my birthday dinner. My birthday was actually a week ago but I've been so busy with fun things that was the first chance we could visit. You would think I would be very tired today but I've been excited since I got up this morning knowing that I go to school tomorrow!

I'll get to tell you more later this week. Me and my dad are going to start painting tomorrow! I can't wait to show you our artwork.

The picture is of Ben holding court with his "harem" at the picnic following the Special Olympics.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Ben! I love your blog!!!
Miss Kristy