Sunday, October 08, 2006


I'll let Ben speak for himself tomorrow but I have to tell everyone who reads this about the incredible week Ben has just completed. I'm still rather emotional about the Special Olympics hosted by Bob Jones University on Friday.

This is not the time nor the forum to discuss BJU's sociology or philosophy; so despite my opinions about BJU in general their students were (and have been always) charming, delightful, energetic, and full of smiles making Friday's event absolutely wonderful. My own observation in regards to the kids attending the Washington Center has been one of hope. The students and faculty of BJU that helped facilitate the Olympics obviously have the same outlook.

I'll let Ben tell about the "specifics" but the event was a blast...and a tear-inducing activity. Not due to sadness but the appreciation from "outsiders" who take the time to learn of the plight of exceptional families. Being a parent of a child who participated in the "Olympic experience" meant a great deal. Having an audience of a couple of hundred applauding for the length of time that it took for the Washington Center folks to enter the arena was really moving. I know what it takes to get my child up and motivated for the day. Imagine 250 of these young folks!

To sum up the weekend: it was AWESOME! I was in the area (finally) for an art show (Greer's 1st Oktoberfest) that Ben got to attend and he had a blast! We celebrated Ben's 7th birthday at one of his grandmothers' house tonight. Ben also got to shop for his own birthday presents this year.

This has been a special week for all of us that love Ben. I hope you enjoy reading about it here and of course I always will report good news regarding my son. I would love for you to consider a purchase but it is much more important to read about his situation. As bad as we think things are with us, there is much worse. We see it everyday at Ben's school.

We will always pledge a percentage to a charity. That is not an incentive to buy, it is an encouragement.

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