Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hello friend. I hope you have had a good start to the week. I certainly have!

Today was my first school day of the week. I try to go three days of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) but last week was the first time this year that actually happened which included Friday's Challenge Day. If I can make it three straight days for several weeks in a row my dad will let me go even more often! That is why we want to sell our artwork here. Usually he leaves on Friday for his art shows and doesn't return until Monday which means I can't attend school those days.

I performed twelve push-ups today in my therapy session! My dad told me how proud he was of me because it had been several weeks since I had done that excercise. For the first time this school year I was tired and needed a nap to get my energy back.

My therapists say that working on my upper body strength is important. Not only will it help me to acheive mobility but it keeps me from getting congested in my chest. I haven't been as sick the past two years and that is due to my body muscles getting stronger.

Tomorrow I'm going to a pumpkin patch with my dad, Me-Ma, and Miss Vicki. They are going to take my picture there. Maybe I'll get to post it here tomorrow night! Until next time, I wish you well!

The picture is of Ben & Bennie having fun by a campfire back in August.

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