Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Scenes of the Season

When Nurse Tracy has gone home the past few days Ben has chosen to sit in a position so that he can view the tree and our decorated mantelshelf at the same time. I've turned on Christmas carols for him. It has been a tremendous privilege to hear Ben sing smile, sing along, and just enjoy the beauty of our little spectacle. I will do my best to try and capture this on video but you know how much Ben hates the camera.

Go ahead. It's okay. I got teary-eyed when I took it and also when I uploaded it. It is so incredible how much Ben enjoys the simple pleasures of Christmas. He was so very excited to be a part of the decorating process this year.

After we decorated the tree this weekend I found two tired Angels needing some daddy-love. The pile of red hair in my lap is Jessie. I love being a father!
Some new mini canvases!

This is a 10" x 20" original on stretched canvas. Ready to hang!

Another new theme in the 10" x 20" size.
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Kyla said...

Christmas is so magical! Glad Ben is enjoying it so much.

Eric Fischer said...

Under the auspices of Christmas
Let the tempest ease its furrowed brow,
thine children, thine lady with thee now,
regale us quietly of all accomplished this year,
of change and of love
with no place for fear.
If there be a wish to be had,
remove my quiet remorse,how sad
That if I could join you all, my heart,
how glad.

Ben and Bennie said...

I hope you get paid for that Eric! That is just beautiful!