Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Good Cold Snap

My apologies for not keeping updates available about our wonderfully healthy and beautiful son. If you follow us on Facebook this may seem like a strange statement given that Ben is about one week past the end of a very wicked cold virus. Let me explain so that you will better understand our "glee" in regards to this recent illness.

Ben was a pretty sick kid about this time two weeks ago. We knew it was bad because our boy ended up oxygen dependent for almost a week after it was all said and done. In the past (and I mean distant past - knock on wood) something like this would've put him in the hospital faster than a Danica Patrick pit stop. Add in the seven days of antibiotics on his sensitive stomach and we had the makings of a pre-Christmas reunion in the local Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Joan also picked up the same virus and has been miserable for about two weeks. Given her suffering it seems that Ben has come a long way in kicking ass when it comes to illnesses that keep him down! All the credit goes to Ben due to the determination he has in building strength via physical and occupational therapies. I promise to post a few recent videos and pictures very soon of him being more rowdy than this particular photograph. I just couldn't help myself because that kid is just so darn cute!

Please keep in mind that we are still selling our art. Ben has several pieces available that I have yet to photograph. Plus we have even more mini canvases available including some with flip-flops (which seem to be a popular theme again this year). There is still time to mail these but I will need your orders very soon! Please consider these as a gift for those that you love - as much as we could use the income we know many folks are hurting even more than us. If you need a gift for a loved one and cannot afford it we will gladly send you some of these to make the season brighter.


Eric Fischer said...

Segev was on oxygen around the same time as Ben, he still is recovering from the cold, as are we all. Obviously his breathing is only made worse by the extra phlegm on top of the regular phlegm. I am really focusing on having him well for Christmas eve dinner with the kids. For some reason Segev is always sick on a holy day, always.
I see Ben in the picture and want to cover him with a blanket, because that's what I have to do with Segev all day long.
With Ben out of the woods it will be great for your family to have a calm time at Christmas. Hope Joan is 100% soon. You're not inviting Uncle William are you?

Ben and Bennie said...

No to the Uncle!

Kim Wombles said...

Just found your blog through Eric's.

Wishing you and yours well on this holiday. I've added you to the Autism Blogs Directory I run with my friend Kahtleen; we also have a section relating to dealing with disabilities and I've placed your blog in that category.