Friday, August 20, 2010

Joan Speaks About T-Shirts & Blogging

For the past month our family has been looking into printing tee shirts with an official "logo" design for our studio. Our vision is to eventually combine Ben's, Bennie's, and any other combination thereof into one virtual "shop" or website. The ultimate goal is to offer our artwork for sale while allowing Bennie (dad) to stay home more often with less travel and more importantly, less travel expenses!

While we are very pleased with Bennie's design which he completed on vacation last week, the up front investment for us to offer tee shirts, coffee mugs, and perhaps other collectibles ourselves is just way too much at this time. With the children starting back school we had to use our "cushion" on school supplies and a bunch of clothes (for the first time we think we spent more on Ben's attire than Jessie's). Perhaps later this fall we'll be able to dip our toes in the water and begin selling a few things personally.

We have been familiar with Cafe Press for about two years now but Bennie has been reluctant to use it for two reasons: the desire to make more point of purchase sales and that he (we) only receive about ten percent return on those items. If we are to satisfactorily explore this newest way of providing artwork to our customers it seems logical that now is the time at least give Cafe Press a chance. I have encouraged Bennie to offer not only some of his paintings but also some things of Ben's. After Bennie has a few successful fall shows we can then provide some opportunities for the family artists to personalize their wearable art!

You can explore our "store" by clicking on Ben's colorful hand at the upper left of the page. To be honest I was really surprised at how well the images turned out! I would like to have a few things myself but I'll wait until we return from the Savannah Labor Day Weekend show. If you are shopping for shirts Bennie would like me to encourage you to explore placing the images over several colors. Some of the paintings work well with lighter colors while others do better with darker backgrounds.

Also be sure to check the store often. We plan to expand it even more over the next few days and add even more images as Ben & Bennie complete their paintings. I don't often have the opportunity to write on the blog very often but I do read it almost every day. Now that I have the chance I want to thank all of you for the support and encouragement you have offered our family through the years. I'll be honest in saying I don't always agree 100 percent with my husband's opinions but I know he has a good heart and a passion for his family. I also know how much this blog and his art means to him. Thanks for loving the whole package including our two angels, Jessie & Ben!


Kyla said...

CafePress just contacted me with a giveaway for my blog last week (I get something of my choosing and then a reader can win something of their choosing). I ordered a Sigg bottle with the kids' picture on it and I am thrilled with the quality. I hope this will be a good venue for you guys! Off to check out the store now! :)

Ben and Bennie said...

Maybe they'll figure out I have a blog and we could do the same. Then I could get Joan one of those canvas bags (which is on her wish list).

Gretchen said...

This is phenomenal! Didn't know CafePress could be set up like this. LOVE LOVE it.

Hoping you sell tons.