Saturday, July 10, 2010

Leftovers from Southport

Unfortunately my annual trip to Southport, North Carolina wasn't very good this year meaning that most likely it will no longer be on the schedule. I was able to barely break even just before the close of the third and final day. Although thankful that I didn't lose money next year I'd rather spend the holiday weekend with my family while it's 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity outdoors! Another thing that I won't miss is dealing with that nasty black dirt that covers Franklin Square.

Since my sales were down I brought home goodies for you art collectors to peruse. Each one of these acrylic paintings are 10" x 20" on canvas - ready to hang and no framing necessary. For the price of $75 one of these can be yours (I will even include the shipping which typically cost around $10 for these).

These have also been very good sellers for commission work. Just tell me the theme you'd like and the colors you would be interested in. Although these have been the most popular themes I've also added soccer balls, guitars, margaritas, and flowers. As always e-mail me at if interested.

SOLD - I didn't even get to upload it! But I have one more of this theme completed and can do more.


Gretchen said...

These look great Bennie! Sorry your show didn't go better :(

kathy said...

These pictures are looking Great! I don't know why your show didn't go better.