Saturday, April 03, 2010

No Surprise

Since Ben's first experiments with paint I've been convinced that many children (and most likely adults) with significant physical, neurological, and/or emotional challenges have an ability to communicate with the typical world via not so typical means. Here is another interesting example of that possibility. While you're here stick around a few minutes to catch up with us...

Sorry I've been away for so long. I never intended to neglect this blog for this long and quite honestly there have been a good number of blog posts that have been formulated, constructed, and completed during the months of February and March. Unfortunately they all occurred away from my computer during the many sleepless nights that have plagued me since February 4th (my sobriety day).

The past few weeks have been a rather unique period for me. After making the decision to quit drinking I actually found it fairly easy to stop those first few weeks. In fact it almost felt too easy. My gut instinct was correct.

My intention was to incorporate my "recovery journal" into our story. While it may seem to some as a new direction for this blog the truth is that the entire picture of exceptional living cannot be presented without the parts that aren't so inspirational, artistic, or even attractive. The current personal struggle is just a microcosm of the life those of us live within the world of special needs. That ticket aboard the emotional Scream Machine is punched daily and the exit gate is locked.

Tomorrow is day 60 of sobriety. My hope and prayer is to get to day 61. And now a personal goal is to return here once again on a more timely basis to tell you about my journey within the journey.

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Kyla said...

Wishing you ALL the success imaginable with the sobriety. 60 days is a big deal! Congratulations!!