Friday, November 27, 2009

The Longest Day Revisited

A year ago today we were facing the most frightening situation with Ben in quite some time. That whole month beginning in late October in 2008 was series of awful events that just snowballed straight into the Pediatric ICU of our local hospital. What difference a year makes!

From the very beginning of Ben's life he's shown a certain ability to rebound from pretty significant illnesses. Although he obviously has strength and courage I have not personally witnessed before, I'd be remiss If I didn't give credit to the outstanding care he's received over the last ten years from doctors, nurses, and other health specialists who have worked so diligently to maintain or return Ben's health.

So as we continue to enjoy this annual American holiday much more so than last year our family would like to thank all of those folks who sometimes sacrifice holidays at home with their own loved ones to care for those who so desperately need the medical attention. I know that Ben is thankful to enjoy another season of colorful holiday lights.


kimmyk said...

i'm glad this year was much different than last year.

i hope it continues right on through the new year!

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously...I do not want to be reminded of that day!


Kyla said...

I'm so glad this year is so much better than last! Nobody wants a repeat of that kind of excitement.