Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Phone Call to MeMa

We had one of those special weekends a few days ago - the kind which you just don't want it to end. This despite hosting two of Jessie's 12-year-old BFFs on a sleepover. This despite spending an afternoon in the local indoor air-conditioned mall (I despise malls). This despite having to watch the movie Coraline three times within a 24 hour period (I love that something really weird happened to Tim Burton in his childhood).

Perhaps it was knowing that starting this weekend I won't have another weekend off until early November. Maybe it's because we know the summer of 2009 is winding down and we want to make the most of these last few weeks. Also it was a definite pleasure to have a surprise visit from one of my brothers. Most likely it's that Ben has been absolutely wild lately, making incredible progress in therapies and just loving life.

Both our children are growing fast and furious at the moment. Having a fun three days like we did allows us to take one of those rare snapshots and enjoy the pause between the episodes of life. In fact I wanted to post these thoughts Monday but have been too bummed to share them! Even for me it always seems that it's easiest to hear those grinding gears moving the circle of life on the first day of the week.

Enjoy Ben's conversation with his grandmother - it's mostly one-sided.

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sheepincognito said...

thanks for sharing that, Bennie - he certainly had a lot to talk about with his grandma - and he's grown sooo much since I saw him last (and so has Jessie - wow, they are both beautiful!)